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Meet Our Interior Stylist and Photographer

Meet Lindsay Mills

My name is Lindsay. I’m a home and studio stylist that calls Edmonton, Alberta home. If we could meet in person, I’d invite you into my home where I hoard plants and have frequent barefoot dance parties in my kitchen (enthusiastic lip-syncing included). When I’m not chasing around my two, spirited young daughters, you can find me with a coffee or camera in hand. I’ve been professionally taking photos of interiors and the love between humans for the past 10 years. I am an avid, (ok, maybe obsessive) thrifter. I love picking up well-loved, discarded pieces of furniture and decor and breathing new life into them. This talent for scouring bins of used items to triumphantly find one-of-a-kind pieces led me to start a small online shop, where I re-sell vintage and mid-century pieces as well as some of my own designs. As to not let my home become overstuffed with all of the treasures that I could absolutely not leave behind at thrift stores, and because I like being married to my husband, I started using the pieces I found to style spaces for others. Whether it be transforming an outdoor patio with a $500 budget and a trip to Value Village or creating unique backdrops for photography studios, I finally found a way to share my joy of thrifting and styling. Over the years I’ve honed in on my style and my ability to jigsaw too many pieces of furniture and decor into the back of our family van. I love the journey of design, it’s never boring and always leading me somewhere new.

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