Meet the women behind

the YEG collective

Ardelle Viau

After spending over eight years working in the weight loss industry and receiving her designation in Certified Holistic Nutrition, Ardelle launched her nutrition consulting business that uses a holistic approach to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. She coaches her clients through step by step individualized programs, educating them on whole food and toxic-free living recommendations while helping them understand the mind-body connection. The Health Collective offers the perfect environment to meet her clients and run essential oil workshops.

Her vision for The YEG Collective was not to only serve her clients but to also create a cozy space for like-minded individuals who love the concept of community. Whether you are renting the space or attending one of the workshops, you will feel like you are a part of a family who is fueled by the desire to support others. She understands how lonely and competitive the entrepreneurial world can be but she also knows that when you bring together a group of driven and supportive people, amazing connections are made and incredible things happen. 

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Amanda Cook

Amanda is a holistic nutrition practitioner, lifestyle coach, wellness educator, holistic chef, speaker, writer, teacher of meditation and a busy mama of two with a deep passion for womens transformational health that nourishes the mind, body and spirit.

Amanda believes the positive impact that comes along with being connected to a community: healing, growth, joy and inspiration. Her vision is to connect visionaries to create a mindful and empowered space so they can share their gifts and expertise. The YEG Collective has given her the opportunity to build a strong community, especially for women, so they can rise up to feel restored, connected and supported.  The warmth and light energy of the space can be felt by anyone who visits.

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5 Ways To Get Your Event More Visible

Your success is our success. When you have a sold out event or workshop, we jump and cheer for you because we totally get it... it gives you butterflies that are nerves and excitement combined.

This checklist is about giving you some extra strategies to make sure your event is seen and not forgotten.

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